Every industry has its own business processes, requirements and challenges. That’s why we offer a range of ERP solutions designed specifically for companies in the primary production industry and can customise software specifically for your needs.

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The primary production industry is an important and growing sector of the South Australian economy. The business environment in South Australia and the State Government’s approach to the primary production industry is very constructive. The State Government’s policies on planning, biosecurity, animal health and animal welfare and the regulations surrounding food production are also very supportive for investments and ongoing production in South Australia.

As a primary production business, you need monitoring of regulatory compliance and traceability of components and items throughout the purchasing and manufacturing process. We offer software solutions that provide you with a bill of manufacturing – a concept that allows you to define the resources that are consumed and produced as part of the production process. These solutions also offer the “ease of use” to define the products as simple recipes/formulas or the flexibility of complex recipes/formulas to define the component/ingredient relationships.

Depending on your micro-vertical industry needs and the products you produce, there are other factors which have to be taken into account, for example:

Yield and factor calculations

Yield and factor calculations

Co-Product and By-Products production

Co-Product and By-Products production

Scrap management

Scrap management

Variables which affect inventory levels, product costs and recipe accuracy, all of which impact the bottom line.

Our primary production industry solutions can be adapted to meet your unique or changing business requirements without creating a heavy, ongoing IT burden.


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Our ERP software solutions can help you:

  • Flexible methods for managing the supply and demand of products and materials across a number of different modes of operation

  • Definition of all required information and compliance data to fully describe a product including revisions and batch management

  • Transparent nutrient and ingredient information

  • Flexible solution for creating process orientated bill of materials

  • Machine control setting and properties such as machine speed, temperate and pressure may also be defined within the routing data

  • Real-time costing, analysis and finance controlling operations

  • Batch Control and Traceability to provide the necessary process and controls to trace the genealogy of a product

  • Quality Control solution, provides the tools and processes to manage the quality process from purchase goods receipt to customer delivery

  • Complaint Management solution is an end to end business solution, which provides a structured method in capturing and managing the life cycle of a complaint regardless if the origin is from a customer, vendor or an internal department


Our team can create a configurable, adaptable and scalable solution that’s easily set up and integrates seamlessly with your existing software. SAP Business One, Wiise and Business Central are all designed to grow with your business, so your software remains “future-proof” as your company’s needs change.

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