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Looking for business growth and optimised business processes? With years of experience, our team can help put the systems and software in place that you need to take your business to the next level.

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From growth strategy advice to implementing tailor-made SAP business software, our Adelaide-based team helps SMEs across Australia run better businesses.

We have the tools and expertise to help if you:

  • Need to better manage your company’s growth
  • Are struggling to deal with increased business transactions
  • Have a software system, such as a CRM or POS, that no longer works for you
  • Have outgrown your accounting system
  • Need better visibility in your business

About SAP Business One Software

Our software, SAP Business One, is designed specifically for small-to-midsize organisations that want to fully integrate their end-to-end processes and grow. It’s affordable, easy to use and customised to match your specific needs.

Ideal for businesses ranging from wineries to wholesale distribution, this software enables you to manage all critical functions across financial management, sales, customer relationship management, banking, manufacturing, purchasing and inventory management – all under one flexible, scalable system – including end-to-end processes similar to large and expensive ERP systems.

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Solutions+ has successfully implemented our Wine One service in numerous wineries in Australia. Powered by SAP Business One software, it’s perfect for wineries because it integrates and tracks everything from purchasing and warehousing to bottling and marketing, letting you focus on making great wine.

Having SAP software means your winery can….

  • Automatically calculate and reconcile WET
  • Buy raw materials more efficiently

  • Get the perfect balance of stock

  • Determine optimum inventory levels

  • Work more efficiently with wholesalers, suppliers and exporters

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About Solutions Plus Partnership: Our Strengths & Services

Based in Adelaide, our team has vast strategy, cloud computing and small business systems experience in industries ranging from wineries to manufacturing. We don’t just implement software – we ensure that the business system supports your optimised business processes.

Solutions+ understands that every industry has its own business processes, requirements and challenges. That’s why we offer a range of options tailored to your industry.

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“Oliver’s Taranga has successfully implemented SAP Business One and optimised our end-to-end business processes, meaning that we can grow through a seamless flow from our online OTT Wine Club to the POS system in the cellar door. Solutions+ is providing great advice and excellent support.”
– Corrina Wright, Winemaker and Director, Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards

“Solutions+ provides expert guidance in all facets of REDARC’s processes and systems. To be able to lean on independent advice and people who also fully understand our advanced manufacturing business is fantastic.”
– Chris Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, REDARC Electronics

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With the national and global surge in the wine industry, many wineries are growing at a rapid rate with increasing facility and human resource requirements. These changes require optimisation of every aspect of a business, from manufacturing and order processing to distribution and accounting.

Solutions+ has successfully implemented our Wine One service with numerous customers in the wine industry, taking a holistic approach.

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