Every industry has its own business processes, requirements and challenges. That’s why we offer Wine One, a range of customised solutions specifically for wineries, powered by SAP Business One software.

Wine One Will Transform Your Business

What does every winery owner want? To make great wine, of course. But what if we told you there was a way to grow your winery business without needing any more time, people or money?

Imagine a world with:

  • Automatic WET calculations
  • A 360-degree view of each customer in your wine club, at your cellar door and online
  • Accurate, real-time customer data to run laser-focussed, segmented marketing campaigns and more effective promotions
  • A live view of your entire winery in one dashboard, incorporating sales, customers, operations and finance
  • Automatic alerts when stock is low in your warehouse or cellar door
  • Easy integration between your website, POS, accounting system, CRM, Mailchimp and other marketing platforms
  • No emails or out-of-hours phone calls with your overseas wholesalers and exporters – everything taken care of with workflow automation and instant communication from your phone

Above all, you can finally stop wondering if your winery is making any money and start working out how you’re going to make more money. Our Wine One solution with software from SAP Business One can help you do all these things.

“Oliver’s Taranga has successfully implemented SAP Business One and optimised the winery’s end-to-end business processes. Using this solution means we can grow through a seamless flow from our online OTT Wine Club to the POS system in the cellar door. Solutions+ is providing great advice and excellent support.”

– Corrina Wright, Winemaker and Director, Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards



Solutions+ has successfully implemented our Wine One solution in numerous wineries in Australia. As a digital solution package, it brings everything together in a single dashboard, using real-time data. It’s perfect for wineries because it incorporates and tracks all the things you have to think about – purchasing, grape levy, inventory, warehousing, product costing, WET, bottling and labelling, retail, customers and marketing – so you can focus on making great wine.

Our Wine One solution means you can:

Increase sales – by knowing everything about your customers, you can sell to them more effectively – through email marketing, in your wine club, and when they walk through your cellar door. You can get inside their heads as well as their wallets and get more sales without needing more resources.

Enjoy greater automation – you’ll need fewer people to manage various aspects of your winery – e.g., in finance, the warehouse, and marketing – since you can automate so much more.

Save time – there’s just one login to one system to see all business operations with very little need for manual data entry. Calculating and reconciling WET is another great time-saver.

Reduce costs – through live inventory management, you can buy raw materials more efficiently, manage your suppliers better and get the perfect balance of stock.

Work smarter – make better decisions because you know so much more, like how much a bottle of wine costs to produce, which sales promotions are working the best, which export markets to focus on and what your optimum inventory levels are.

Work easier – dealing with wholesalers and exporters becomes a breeze with instant foreign exchange management, automated workflow automation and communication – all in a cloud-based app on your phone. SAP Business One can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Unboxed Wine One

For wineries with simpler operations (e.g., single locations/cellar doors/companies) we offer a streamlined implementation process which can vastly reduce your up-front cost and the time it takes to go live – to as little as 6 weeks. Using our unique templates and experience of implementing Wine One with many other wineries, we are able to give you what you need ‘out of the box’. You can even pay in instalments.

Some features of SAP software that our Wine One clients love:

  • WET management and reconciliation
  • Integration with eCommerce and POS systems, amongst many others
  • A visual Relationship Map of your entire order process
  • Management of bulk wine costs and WIP linking
  • Reduced waste, paperwork and shipping errors through Pick Pack Manager
  • Real-time financial information
Winery and software expertise

With our Wine One service, Solutions+ can customise SAP software specifically to your needs, just like we’ve done with our other winery clients. Our team will create a configurable, adaptable and scalable solution that’s easily set up and integrates seamlessly with your existing software programs. We focus on business solutions, not IT, using our extensive business experience to deliver exactly what you need. We work to an agreed scope, fixed price and strict timeline.

We’re with you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your investment and get the resources you need to accelerate your winery’s success.