Using SAP Business One to Support Your Marketing Strategy

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  • Using SAP Business One to Support Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is linked to all aspects of business operations. After all, the best marketing campaign can still be deemed a failure if there are inconsistencies in service or product delivery, or if other mistakes are committed along the way.

With SAP Business One, any snags in the marketing and sales strategy can be easily identified, and rectified to come up with better, successful campaigns. You can generate new leads, boost revenue, and promote new products by taking advantage of the business intelligence features of SAP Business One.

For example, before planning another email marketing campaign, you can rely on data in the system to analyse if this is the right channel to use. You can tap into historical marketing campaign data such as product sales, fast-moving and slow-moving products, leads, customers, external distribution lists, response rates, new customers, communication, and new sales.

By looking at the data, you can track the effectiveness of each marketing channel based on the response rate, further communication with the customer, and any new sales generated from a specific campaign. You can use historical data to identify all the channels you use and create reports or graphs showing the performance of each channel, e.g. SMS campaign, email blast, outdoor branding, and more, including social media advertising. You can also check the interest generated from each campaign, as well as any actual sales.

With SAP Business One data at your disposal, you can make informed decisions regarding which marketing channels to invest in. You can also use the data to help you analyse why certain channels seem to perform better than others. With an email campaign, for example, you may decide to use specific email templates and modify certain features on the template (including the message and images) to reflect vital information about your campaign, such as what products are covered or the discounts offered for specific order quantities. You can also create and schedule campaigns using your target group or distribution list.

Once your email campaign is launched, you also have access to valuable data such as open bounce rates, as well as any communication that is initiated on the customer side. If a customer responds asking for a quote, you can use a ready quote stored in the system, customise it using the customer’s details, and send it across. This is, again, recorded, since it is carried out within the system. If the customer asks for a follow up on a specific date, the system can generate an alert or alarm on the specified date and time. This means you can easily pick up on the lead and avoid missed opportunities.

There’s even more that SAP Business One can do in relation to effective marketing. Contact us to discover more. Let us help you improve business efficiency, and increase your profits.