SAP Business One v10.0 – New Exciting Features

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  • SAP Business One v10.0 – New Exciting Features

The newest version of SAP Business One (version 10.0) demonstrates the continued investment and exciting future for SAP Business One. Customers looking for enhancements that are designed to make life a little easier for both small and mid-size companies and subsidiaries of large enterprises will not be disappointed.

SAP Business One 10.0 is expected to be launched in early 2020. Based on the information that has been released regarding the updated software and how the SAP team is known for its innovation, thoroughness and efficiency in developing enterprise software, we think that the latest version will be even more in tune with the needs and requirements of customers.

Ease of use, improved functionality, cost-effectiveness, and cloud integration appear to be among its most improved features, as well as improvements in its appearance.

Some special enhancements we can all watch out for are as follows:

  • New skin: The fresh, updated look of SAP Business One 10.0 takes its cue from the SAP Fiori design and is available with the Fiori-Style Cockpit.
  • Interactive Gantt charts: To streamline how users plan, build and view projects, SAP Business One 10.0 Gantt charts are interactive, customisable and user-friendly.
  • Seamless Office 365 and One-drive integration: This version’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive enables users to export grid results and reports directly, and document layouts to Excel and Word, respectively. Also, the SAP Business One 10.0 Template Management feature makes customising reports and document layouts a breeze. More importantly, cloud access means users can update, change, and manage data from virtually anywhere.
  • Existing module enhancements: SAP Business One 10.0 facilitates easy administration in several ways. Examples include the enhanced selection criteria for document printing, which, in turn, optimises batch printing, as well as functionality and productivity. Simplified and more detailed approval features also reduce unnecessary back and forth between the authoriser and document author. It also allows for different levels of user authorisation based on responsibilities and tasks. This removes confusion, streamlines and improves data protection, prevents human error, and enhances productivity.
  • Drill down feature in financial reports and BOM: Through the use of golden arrows in financial reports, users can easily drill down into each account record. This means users have direct access to account details and account balances, thereby saving time and improving functionality, as well as transparency.

SAP Business One Version 10.0 enhancements are not limited to the above. It has other features that promise better availability, improved security and stability to all users.

With Version 10.0, everyone can look forward to features to help businesses better manage customers and seamlessly perform their activities involving sales ordering processes directly from the web. With the new year fast approaching, SAP Business One Version 10.0 may be the best feature-packed gift you can ever hope to receive as a business.

We will be getting in touch with all our SAP Business One clients as soon as version 10 is available. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the changes please contact us.