Moving your business online – and getting it right

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  • Moving your business online – and getting it right

Moving your business online doesn’t have to be scary or complex – but it does require having the proper tools. SAP Business One can help you get it right.

Even before the challenges of COVID-19, more and more business trade was moving online, but the massive spread and speed of the virus has pushed a lot of businesses into a “transform or die” situation.

Everyone has been scrambling to make changes, and businesses that were already online giants have had to hire more staff due to the surge of online buying. Earlier this week, Amazon announced that they would hire another 75,000 workers, on top of their previously-hired 100,000, just to keep up with orders.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses that have experienced a sudden boom in online demand – such as Zoom, supermarkets and other food suppliers – didn’t have the kind of backend systems necessary to handle increased traffic or payment processing.

In addition to incorrect orders, customers and business owners have found that they were dealing with faulty charges, hackers, security breaches and more. Add all of this to the sudden need to have many staff working from home, has resulted in a particularly challenging time for many businesses.

Fortunately, businesses with a system like SAP Business One already had the tools in place to move online quickly, or improve their online presence, as well as get real-time reports on stock, orders and much more to make decisions more quickly and act.

With SAP Business One, you can quickly view and safely manage critical functions from outside the office, including sales, CRM, banking, delivery, purchasing and inventory. Staff can access information from home and customers can reach your customer service team wherever they are.

Plus, you can use the SAP Business One Integration Hub to connect your existing website with other apps, such as UPS for shipping, as well as sales tools like Shopify and customer email platforms such as MailChimp.

Sound complex? At Solutions+, we’ve successfully integrated many websites and apps with SAP Business One to ensure full visibility of the ordering and payment processes, delivery and internal supply chains.

Need help or advice on setting up SAP Business One for your business? Please contact us.