How cloud computing offers a SAFER route to business growth.

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  • How cloud computing offers a SAFER route to business growth.

In May 2021, Solutions+ placed 3rd in the Top 25 businesses in the 2021 Fast Movers SA program. To be considered as one of the fastest-growing, most innovative businesses in South Australia is an incredible milestone for us, and we fully intend to continue growing and expanding our IT services.

Although our business is all about providing IT solutions to businesses, the truth is that we wouldn’t have been able to grow the way we have without practicing what we preach. At Solutions+, we use cloud computing every day. Along with having an IT strategy and roadmap in place for our business, cloud computing solutions made our growth possible.


In short, cloud computing makes businesses nimble. It provides what we call a SAFER path to fast growth: it’s Scalable, Affordable, Flexible, Expandable and Reliable, all while providing the tools you need to make fast decisions and act when opportunities present themselves.

Here’s how cloud computing solutions are:


As your company grows, you need to be able to add resources seamlessly. (Or in a crisis situation like COVID-19, if demand decreases temporarily, quickly downsize and avoid paying for resources you don’t need.) With cloud solutions, you can quickly scale up or down, adding virtual workstations and licences or new employees, additional power, etc.

The same is true for data storage. Today’s cloud computing solutions do much more than store data, but storage is still an important part of your IT infrastructure. Having enough storage space is essential for a growing company because if business takes off, being able to scale up your storage becomes critical.


Cloud-based software is much more cost-efficient than setting up an infrastructure that remains unused most of the time. With no upfront costs on equipment such as on-site hardware, you save money by only paying for the services you need and avoiding a lot of equipment – an added bonus if you have a small office, relocate or add locations.


As we’ve seen during COVID, being able to work remotely is no longer just a nice perk – it has become essential to ensure that operations continue whether your team is in the office or not. The ability to create virtual desktops and secure access from anywhere is one of the biggest selling points of cloud computing. Employees can even use their own devices (with permission) to get work done and communicate with team members.

Plus, with cloud-based tools like SAP, Wiise and 365, you have access to reports and real-time information that allows you to be more flexible so you can make faster, better and more data-driven decisions.


Need to integrate your system with existing software in your office? No problem. Cloud computing solutions can be tailored to your needs and include connections to other industry-related programs. You can also consider hybrid cloud options, which combine some cloud-based options with more “traditional” software.


Employees working in the cloud have confidence that they can securely access and use resources from any device, at any time and from any location. Security patches are constantly being updated, and cloud-based IT architecture can deal with a sudden increase or decrease in traffic and perform accordingly – there’s no lag time due to insufficient infrastructure.

If you’re ready to explore cloud-based options and need help creating a SAFER path to business growth, contact our team at Solutions+ Partnership today.